What Our Students Say

We've gone through planning right from the beginning to the end and all the tutors have seen us through that journey... I think it's been absolutely brilliant, they know that we're here to pick up the practical skills and I think if you're serious about implants... it's the real hands-on experience which is where you're really going to hone in your skills.


For me when it comes to implants I think the most important thing is actually your clinical experience and I think this course offers a lot of clinical exposure and a medley of cases. So we started actually with easy cases and started building up slowly I think that's probably what built up my confidence.

“If you’re looking to place implants I can thoroughly recommend this course. It’s a life changer.”
Dr. Tasleem Ahmed (UK)
“In 2007, I enrolled on Dr Nadeem Zafar’s course. It was the best professional journey I had ever embarked on in my 22 year career! The didactic component was comprehensive and robust, engaging referencing to existing published literature.

The practical component was equally awesome with trips to Paris, Gothenburg and Curitiba for hands on surgery on patients. All the speakers on the course were experts in their respective disciplines. I highly commend Nadeem for his teaching skills, mentoring and support for his students.

He is always a phone call, whatsapp or email away from my problems!

I have no reservations whatsoever in endorsing Nadeem’s course.”
Dr. Nana Acheampong (UK)