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Dr. Wasim Fazel (UK)

I was interested in Implants from an early time in my career, and did some research in to various courses. After trying different courses, I was left feeling unsatisfied, and not very confident. I then came across implant success ltd, and the course outline seemed exactly what I was looking for. I signed up, and I have not looked back since.

The course was informative, and very hands on, with some great lecturers. On our trip to Brazil, I was actively involved in the placement of 15-20 implants which gave me the confidence to come back to general practice, and carry out Implantology safely and predictably.

The course was well organised, and I met some really good peers whom I am still in touch with today. In addition, Nadeem is only a phone call away so the follow up. Today, as a direct result of that sound basis, I have placed over 150 implants confidently and safely.

I would highly recommend this course.

“If you’re looking to place implants I can thoroughly recommend this course. It’s a life changer.”

Dr. Tasleem Ahmed (UK)


Dr. Nana Acheampong (UK)

“In 2007, I enrolled on Dr Nadeem Zafar’s course. It was the best professional journey I had ever embarked on in my 22 year career! The didactic component was comprehensive and robust, engaging referencing to existing published literature. The practical component was equally awesome with trips to Paris, Gothenburg and Curitiba for hands on surgery on patients. All the speakers on the course were experts in their respective disciplines. I highly commend Nadeem for his teaching skills, mentoring and support for his students.

He is always a phone call, whatsapp or e mail away from my problems!

I have no reservations whatsoever in endorsing Nadeem’s course.”