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Residency Programme

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1 Week
Immersive Residency

Learn from


Live Patient

An Immersive All-on-X

Residency Programme

There are very few All-On-X teaching opportunities that give you this level of hands-on experience. The All-On-X
Residency programme will take you from the ground up with
our world class team of experienced tutors.

Hands-on Experience

Our aim is to give you as much hands-on surgical experience as possible.

Tap Into a Growing Market

Increase your income by entering the full jaw
implant market and offer more than just

Immediate Provisionals

learn to plan and construct same day provisional

Patients Provided

We provide you with all patients, implants and materials.


Within 6 months I made back my money! Cannot recommend this course enough.

Imran, Cambridge

What you’ll learn

Course Content

Our programme provides surgical experience as well as
world-class lectures to help grow your confidence with full jaw implant treatment.

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What Our Students Say

We’ve gone through planning right from the beginning to the end and all the tutors have seen us through that journey… I think it’s been absolutely brilliant, they know that we’re here to pick up the practical skills and I think if you’re serious about implants… it’s the real hands-on experience which is where you’re really going to hone in your skills.


For me when it comes to implants I think the most important thing is actually your clinical experience and I think this course offers a lot of clinical exposure and a medley of cases. So we started actually with easy cases and started building up slowly I think that’s probably what built up my confidence.


Where is the course held?

UK & Brazil

Brazil is at the very forefront of dental technology.
We’ve run courses in many destinations, but no facility or destination has impressed so much.

Learn In A Supportive Environment

Many of our delegates start the residency programme with little or no All-onX treatment experience.

Over the shoulder
help with surgery

experience required

We’ll support you to learn correct techniques at every stage learning in a truly inclusive environment. 

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Lifetime Mentoring

We are here to support you even after the course, to answer any questions or help plan your cases like we often do with past delegates.
Our lifetime mentorship programme outside the residency programme is designed for just this so you always know who to call.
Ask us for more details.

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Who are we?

Meet The Team

As well as our passionate core team, we are also dedicated to bringing you the very best in their field. Every year we invite guest speakers to bring up-to-date and unparalleled All-on-X knowledge to you.

Course Director & Founder

Dr. Nadeem Zafar

Course Director

Dr. Alex Tahalani

Course Director

Dr. Imran Sheraz

Course Director

Wasim Fazel

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Clinical Director

Dr. Sergio Bernades

Lecturer & Clinical Tutor

Dr. Thiago Carneiro

Lecturer & Clinical Tutor

Dr. Alberto Gurgel


Dr. Pascal Valentini


Dr. Michael Norton


“The course that pays for itself!”

Significantly increase your income by learning to place implants the right way.

Pricing & Payments

Our market-leading residency course provides the amount of hands-on experience you need to feel confident placing implants.

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July 25th 2022
Available Spaces: 3

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Please note course dates/times are subject to change in exceptional circumstances. All attempts are made to minimise any inconvenience.


Do I need to provide my own patients?

At the residency you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your patients/implants/materials are provided and prepared for you. We appreciate having to find your own patients to train is difficult. We hear from so many of our students how they regretted taking courses that meant they needed to find patients.

You do also have the option of treating your own patients with mentorship in addition to this if you choose.

What is the facility like in Brazil?

You’ll treat patients in a dedicated implant training & research hospital which will feel very much like a university hospital environment. You’ll work hard and spend a lot of time on clinic with exceptionally experienced & friendly implant surgeons.

When should I book my flight?

We don’t advise that you book any flights until the course starts. You’ll meet and get to know your colleagues on the course and often groups of our students travel together.

Where will we stay when away at the Brazil residency?

We’ll recommend the hotel closer to the time. Fortunately accommodation in Brazil is relatively cheap. Information will be provided closer to the time of the residency. We do highly recommend our students stay together which will make transport to and from the facility, make it safe, and make it more fun!

Who teaches the modules in the UK?

Each module will be taught by a leader in that field. Our ethos is that you learn from the very best. We’ve had some top speakers at the course over the years and are confident you’ll be very pleased with the quality of teaching.

Which implant system will I learn?

Once you’ve finished the course you’ll have the knowledge to distinguish between the various implant designs and systems. Our approach is to give you the knowledge needed to use any implant system.

Many courses teach a specific implant system and therefore are restricted by the companies in what they’re able to say and teach. We want you to be able to use any system put in front of you by understanding how each system works.

How many students will there be?

We restrict our intake to 14 students so that you get specific guidance and personalised teaching. It’s a good idea to book early if you’re serious about learning to place implants.

What do I need to take to the residency?

Almost everything is provided for you. You will need your own basic surgical kit, but your implant kits,
implants, biomaterials and patients are all provided. You’ll even receive personalised surgical scrubs.

Are there any requirements to do the course?

We will need a copy of your dental degree. To place implants in the UK you must have adequate
indemnity. Apart from that, just a willingness to learn! a

How much can I expect – to earn from implants?

Implants are a highly profitable treatment with a hugely growing market. Whether you work in a private
or NHS clinic you’ll be surprised how many people take up treatment. It’s vital for consent purposes
that implants are discussed when appropriate when discussing missing teeth and we’ll also teach you
how to discuss implants with your patients.

Many of our students go on to place 30-50 implants per years and some have done many more.